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Social Media has changed the way we communicate. It has changed the way that we interact with one another. I am constantly asked to “like” something or someone on Facebook or to “follow me” on Instagram or Twitter. We gauge popularity and even credibility by the number of followers someone has on whichever method of social media we are using.

I have attempted many times to be cool using social media. I have set up a schedule so that I could post pithy statements or snarky comments. I want to be one of those folks that people retweet or repost., but it is exhausting. Finding the right kind of post  or pic or protest is tough enough, then you have to constantly check the post to see how many people have given you their heart or the thumbs up.

The validation by your followers is very important. If they are not agreeing with you, you must change your tone or your message in order to keep the base of followers you have built. In our culture of social media, I have watched many people change their affiliation of one issue or the other. I have known friend who unfriended because someone changed their avatar or added colors and a social message to their profile picture. It is a simple process if you want to disassociate from someone. Just a few clicks and you’re done.

I think that often times we treat our relationship with Jesus as if he were our friend on social media. This is tragic!

Jesus invited a lot of people to follow him. It was nothing like a Facebook request. When Jesus made the invitation to follow, it was a serious commitment. It was a life-changing decision. In fact accepting Jesus’ invitation to “Follow Me” resulted in death for almost all of those who did.

Jesus did not ask the opinions of His followers to craft His message. He did not pay attention to the size of the crowds. Jesus had work to do, and He called people to follow while He went about completing the task the Father had given Him.

When Jesus calls us to follow Him, he is calling us to surrender. We are to surrender our will and our future and our finances and everything that we have. It is not always easy, but the work goes on, and followers who are not fully committed will wreck the work. In Luke 9:23, Jesus said that whoever would be His disciple must “deny themselves and take up their cross daily”. Jesus has called us to sacrifice ourselves and die so that we can be His disciple.

So ….will you “follow” Him?

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